Archaeology of the Mosquito Coast of Honduras
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Jungle Tours

Jungle tours from 10 to 25 days in length can be arranged for groups up to 10 people. These tours pass through the heart of the rain forest along the beautiful rivers of the Mosquito Coast.
After repeated requests for tours, Dr. Begley has teamed up with legendary naturalist Jorge Salaverri to offer authentic jungle adventures. Only a couple of tours are offered per year, but dates are typically somewhat flexible in the summer months.

Pech Indians in dugout canoe

These trips are the real deal. Nothing is prepackaged. You will see archaeological sites, wildlife, pristine rainforest, as well as the realities of rainforest destruction and poverty. These tours are difficult, exciting, and sometimes disturbing.

Jungle tours require a few months to set up, and are available in June, July, August, and Christmas/New Year's. Contact us for a memorable and unique trip.

For cross-country jungle treks, visit The Exploration Foundation at

Dr. Begley leads educational tours in conjunction with the Mesoamerican Ecotourism Alliance and The Exploration Foundation.

Visit The Exploration Foundation at

visit Mesoamerican Ecotourism Alliance at

These tours are rugged and difficult treks, and require a basic physical fitness, the ability to walk for extended periods of time carrying a moderate load, and the mental toughness to suffer the indignities of jungle travel with a sense of humor.

Contact us for more information or price quotes.

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